Big Daves Bird Dogs

We carefully breed German Shorthaired Pointers doing all breed specific testing to produce healthy puppies that will have the prey drive to take you to the level you are aiming for. All of our puppies will come pre-paid duel registered NAVHDA & AKC, in hopes they will be run in tests and events. Alpha litter 1 puppy was NAVHDA tested and got 112 points score for a Prize1 on her NA test, after the event the Judge came up to me and said he wanted to fold her up and take her home with him she was beautiful and had a willingness to work and loaded with prey drive. Charlie litter had 2 Pups NA tested and both got Prize 1, and during an AKC Junior Hunt test the judge watched Rebel for a couple minutes looked over at me and said this pup will only be limited by your ability.

Liter 1
Previous Litter!
Going Hunting!
Sire & Dam collaboration for a four rooster day
puppy faces

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Hi Dave, do you ever have, or know where I could find, a well started GSP female, 2-3 years old that is not someones elses problem dog? I do not want a puppy! I am a foot hunter of quail and pheasant here in the Sacramento area. Im sure you dont have started dogs but I thought I would check just in case! Thanks in advance

Dave Nelson
El Dorado Hills, CA

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