Charlie Litter Whelped 15 Oct 20

When breeding there are many options available as sires, Gus and Atti have produced great litters but I have been wanting to add a little more to our lines and NSTRA National Shoot To Retrieve Association, a walking field trial circuit that Atti’s lineage came from was were I wanted to take this litter. As stated earlier there are many options as stud dogs but for me one line stood out above all others and I knew I wanted to add this line to BDBD and that was Crosswind via Microchip siring many current champions and a National Champion as well as his own National Championship which is even proceeded by his sire Fritz with his National Championship, combining that with Zeus, and 27X Champion alone Dash, there was no doubt I had to put together this breeding Boasting 90 NSTRA Championships in 3 Generations.!!! If you are looking for the once in a lifetime proven bird finding machine this is the litter you have been looking for.

Enjoying grool for the first time
Beau after earning his NAVHDA NA Prize 1, 110 points