Dead Birds “Atti”TUDE

Description of Atti: This female can flat out find birds, it’s not surprising when you look into her pedigree that she has a stellar nose courtesy of a long line of championship caliber genetics. Atti is a great foot hunting dog she doesn’t range out more than 300′ most of the time and covers ground with style and purpose. She has a on off switch when transitioning from the field to the house. That switch can be flipped quite easily by pulling out a toy or bumper and you will see an unwavering intensity to the task at hand, with a very fast and direct line to the intended target and back. Atti has OFA Excellent hips, clear for Cone Degeneration, Hyperuricosuria, and Von Willebrand Disease II. See Health Certs for CHIC #

BDBD Precious Jade Sassy Pants

Jade is a direct daughter of Von Sidwell’s “Gus”Pacho Our first Shorthair & Ellie May Speedmaster, Gus is a very driven hunter who doesn’t stop and Ellie May comes from Duel Champion lines show and hunting. Jade is a very beautiful specimen but is just over 1 at this time and we are hoping she will meet all our breeding standards hunting wise as well as health clearances if all goes well we will use her as a breeding bitch after she is 2 and we can get all her testing done.