BDBD Rebel With A Cause

Up for consideration in time for a good year’s hunting. BDBD Rebel With A Cause North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association aka NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1, AKC Junior Hunter titled. I kept this pup from our previous litter with intentions to sell him as a started dog and with hunting season here he’s ready to hit the fields with his new owner. In his 1st AKC test the judge watched him for a couple minutes looked over at me and said this dog will only be limiter by your ability, that’s how impressed he was with the way he worked the field and intensity, style and ability to hold long points at a young age. Rebel’s Pedigree comes from some of the top-of-the-line National Shoot to Retrieve Association NSTRA. His top side is Crosswinds Micro Chip 9xCH and grandfather Crosswinds Truckin Fritz17xCH, while the bottom side has Rajin Cajun Zeus 17xCH and grandparents Rucks Brockway’s Mad Dash the TRUE winningest GSP in NSTRA a 27xCH while grandmother Last dance Lily 15xCH. He runs pretty big but not so big you can’t foot hunt with him in my ideal dog he’s got the perfect range. That’s Rebel in the field but he isn’t a kennel dog he is also house broken and a huge love bug after a good day in the field he will sit with you and watch tv. Rebel is good with other dogs and cats. He shows no gun sensitivity and holds point very well I have yet to whoa break him but I feel like that could be done in a week by dang near anyone, as he takes to training with ease, he is very eager to please and is smart to boot minus the stubbornness that often come with smart dogs. If Rebel sounds like a dog you might be interested in PM me, I would be more than happy to run him in a field with whom ever and showcase his extraordinary talents. Rebel has been altered as he carries a ½ Gene of degenerative Myopathy, DM. The ½ gene will never affect Rebel or his mother but that’s why he is altered if he were to be bred to another ½ carrier the puppies could be affected meaning those pups would have a possibility of neurological issues before age 5. According to GSPCA article even an effected GSP may never show signs that’s not a risk I’d be willing to take as a breeder and the DM bred dogs in my lines stops here with Atti. If you have more questions about Rebel or would like further information on DM PM me, I know it will never affect Rebel or Atti but if you have questions please ask. Located in Highland IL

Rebel with three of his four Junior hunter Title Ribbons
Starting Whoa training
Whoa and await a while
This pup has style for days and such a natural instinct and confidence its so fun to watch him work.
Rebel with another beautiful point